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Preparing for Your Move

Moving is one of the most stressful events in our lives, whether you are moving right in Bedford, Texas, or relocating across the country. It's even more so when you've decided to do the packing yourself for a do it yourself move to save money rather than hire a professional movers. To help take some of the strain off we've compiled the following directions from industry experts in Bedford, TX, and around the country. The more organized you are, the easier it is to pack and the less stressful your move will be. While you can save a lot of money by doing the packing yourself, it can be time consuming. If you are able, remember to allow about 5 - 6 weeks to complete all of your packing.

Create a Moving Plan

The first thing to do after you have decided to move from your home in Bedford, Texas, whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a professional mover is to get organized by producing a Moving Plan. We suggest getting a so that you can write everything down. This plan will outline the method and timing of the myriad of tasks you will need to accomplish before, during, and after Moving Day. Go through each room of your apartment, house or condo and make notes as to how many boxes you will need. Also list the amount of packing tape, Bubble Wrap®, packing paper and other things you'll need to make your packing complete. Do this for each room of your house, including the attic, garage and storage shed.

As you go along, make a separate list of all the items you no longer need and don't want to take with you on your move. A good rule of thumb is "if you haven't used it in over a year, you never will." Separate these items out and plan to dispose of them by means of a garage sale, consignment shop, on-line auction or donation to a charitable organization (make sure to get a receipt for tax purposes). Don't convince yourself that you'll do this when you arrive at your new home. Garages and self storage units all over Bedford, TX, and the country are filled with boxes of possessions people don't want or need. Take the time to do it now. You'll save time and money by not having to pack and move unwanted items, even more so if you are paying movers.

Survey your cupboards and freezer and make a meal plan for the duration of your time in your current home. Start using up as much stored food and perishable items as possible before the move. Shop for as little as possible during this time. Items left over can be donated to a Bedford, Texas, food bank or given away to neighbors.

Moving with Babies and Small Children

Moving can be an especially trying event for small children even a local move in Bedford, TX. Some pre-planning can alleviate some of the stress and make things go a lot easier. Babies will be least affected by a move as long as their routines are maintained and they are comfortable. Engage your children in the process of moving so that they feel they're a part of the process. Let them pack a moving box or two with some of their own belongings and help in small ways to strengthen a sense of belonging and security. Remember that patience is especially important during this time of change. Be forgiving and give your kids a little extra attention. If you're moving by car or rental truck, plan plenty of time for a leisurely drive. Take regular breaks to get out, move around and stretch legs. You may also consider leaving the kids at a relative's house during the move, or arrange for a babysitter on Moving Day. If these options are not possible, it's best to have one parent or adult be in charge of the children and one in charge of the Movers. Small children tend to be underfoot during the busy atmosphere of a move. To avoid accidents, locate the children in a separate room from the moving activity, or play in the back yard. If you have a pool, make sure your children are supervised at all times.

Preparing your Pets

A move can be very stressful for your pet as well whether right in Bedford, Texas, or across the country. Careful planning can reduce this stress and help avoid problems down the road. Do your best to stick to your pet's regular exercise and routine feeding. If your pet gets upset around strangers, such as realtors, interested buyers, home inspectors, etc., it may be a good idea to confine them in a familiar crate or at a neighbor's house temporarily. Consider boarding your pet for the duration of the move. Know the laws of your new home town regarding pet ownership, such as leash laws, fences, licensing requirements, etc. It's best to have your pet's records on hand, making sure to have proper identification tags for your pet with emergency contact information. If you're moving your pet via air travel, contact the airline for specific information and requirements. Feed your pet no less than five hours before the flight and give them water about two hours before flight time. If you're moving your pet by car, make a list of things to take with you. Stop from time to time for walks. Pets such as birds and hamsters may react better to car travel if you cover their cage or coop. If you're staying in a hotel, make sure they allow pets.

Packing Your Computer

When packing a computer, it's best to use the original packaging and box. If you no longer have these, we have all the boxes and packing material you'll need right here in Bedford, TX. Unplug your computer at least 24 hours before the move so that the system reaches room temperature. If you have an older computer, it may be necessary to "park" the hard drive before moving the CPU, which is especially sensitive to "jarring". Consult your owner's manual for more detailed information. It may be necessary to secure the printer head before moving your printer. Examine your owner's manual for more information. Make a back-up copy of everything on your hard drive onto floppy disks, CDs, or DVDs. These back-up disks and all disks containing computer programs or software should be moved with you personally. Intense temperature variations in a moving truck may damage them. After the move, wait for at least 24 hours and allow your computer to reach room temperature before you use it.

Moving Flat Screen TV and Electronic Devices

When moving electronic devices, such as stereo components and flat screen TV's, it's best to use the original packaging and box. If you no longer have these, we have all the boxes and packing material you'll need delivered to you in Bedford, Texas. Before disconnecting any wiring, make a simple diagram of the lay-out and label each wire as to where it goes. This will make installation at your new home much easier and less time consuming. Unplug each component at least 24 hours before the move so that they reach room temperature. Consult your owner's manuals for more detailed information. If you own a flat screen TV, we recommend that you examine your TV's operating manual to prepare it properly for moving. Consider purchasing a special flat screen TV boxes for shipping to provide additional protection. Pack all remotes, wires and cables with their corresponding component. Use twist ties or zip ties to secure cords. Take down satellite dishes and antennas and pack them for the move. After the move, wait for at least 24 hours to allow components to reach room temperature before you use them.

Additional Moving Tips

Consider having rugs and draperies professionally cleaned. You can find several good cleaners right here in Bedford, TX. When they come back from the cleaners keep them covered. It's a good idea to have a written appraisal done for all of your antiques and high value items. Keep these documents in a safe deposit box if you're staying in right here in Bedford, Texas, or take them with you in your car if you are moving a long distance. Do not wax or oil your antique furniture, as these products have a tendency to soften the wood, making it vulnerable to impressions from moving blankets and pads. Consider having exceptionally valuable antiques professionally crated and moved. Do not clean your upholstered furniture before you move, especially if your furniture is to be stored. The moisture could cause mold. Use a clear plastic or vinyl cover to protect your mattresses, sofas and chairs. It's best to secure loose parts of furniture before moving. Remove delicate handles and other hardware, place them in a paper bag and then tape them inside a drawer before moving. Remove glass mirrors or panels and pack them in a Mirror Picture Boxes.

We strongly suggest that you do not attempt to move stuff such as oil paintings, pianos, pool tables, chandeliers, wine collections, and aquariums aquariums yourself. These things require specialized knowledge, equipment and care. So don't just hire any moving company in Bedford, TX, to do this. It's best to hire an expert, who is knowledgeable in the specific needs of the item to be moved. Contact the businesses where these items are sold. They should be able to advise you.

Keep all records pertaining to your move in a safe place. Get a map of your new home town from the Bedford, Texas, Chamber of Commerce (most will mail it to you free of charge). Doctor referrals, phone numbers of old friends and new contacts are all important to keep close at hand. A folder, notebook or large manila envelope are good ways to keep all of these items together. You may also desire to have ready access to your moving paperwork after your move to verify moving expenses for tax purposes.

If you're moving a long distance, it's good idea to obtain all of your family's medical records from your doctor here in Bedford, TX. This may take some time, so start calling your doctors early on. You may have to make some time in your Moving Plan to go pick up the files from the doctor's office. Obtain also your children's school records and your pet's veterinary records. It's a lot more difficult and time consuming to get these records from across a long distance. Should you need these records, you can avoid a major hassle if you have them at hand.

You should carry valuable items with you in the car as you travel or keep them in a safe deposit box if you're staying in Bedford, Texas, instead of packing them. Some examples are coin and stamp collections, jewelry, currency, stock certificates, identification papers, tax records, deeds, check books, prescriptions and medical records. Pack these items in a small box and place it in your automobile. DO NOT identify what's inside the box so as not to draw attention to it.

Pack phone books from your old home town for use in contacting businesses, old friends and tying up loose ends when you get to your new apartment, home or condo in Bedford, TX. Get contact information, cell phone numbers of the moving truck driver if at all possible. Have mail forwarded to your new address, the post office has a special form for this.

Avoid making furniture or appliance purchases until after your move into your new home. If you must buy now, see if the retailer will deliver the items to your new home in Bedford, Texas, after the move. And don't forget about items you may have in layaway. Contact the retailer, inform them about the move and ask if the item can be transferred to a retail outlet near your new home.

If you hired movers, it's a good idea to have plenty of bottled water on hand.

If your move is job related, you may be able to write-off some of the expenses. Consult a tax advisor or the IRS. Don't forget to notify the Internal Revenue Service of your move, especially if you're expecting a refund. You can find Change of Address Forms on the IRS or USPS website. If you're moving from an apartment see about getting your deposits back, i.e.: cleaning, pet, and utility.